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Sunday, 8 December 2013

IPACA Weekly - Episode 6 - Legal?

Are you aware of your legal responsibilties when using Social Media? In the below clip, Clive Coleman explains how to avoid legal action over tweets and status update.


As always, we welcome your comments on this post.  Do you think this invention is needed?

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  1. I do think this intervention is needed because many people (especially of a younger generation) don't realise that things they publish via the internet will be there for as long as their page exists, people need to be reassured of their responsibilities whist using Social Media and the consequences which can occur if used inappropriately.

  2. Anning 7 all agree. We are going to spread the news and be more careful and thoughtful of others on social media and networks.

  3. Coode 7 believe that people must not talk about details of a court case, and as people these days use social media without thinking then legal intervention is necessary to make sure that they do the right thing.

  4. "if you have anything or information that will help the case it should be dealt with properly, via the police or correct authorities" Cain Phelps.

    "writing on facebook is just as good as witness statement to the police. It is there forever like behind held on a criminal record. YOU are accountable." Mr Jafari

  5. We think that people should not talk about the information of something as confidential as a court case and it should not be discussed over the internet nor telephone.

  6. Wren 1 say: - "Stay out and don't make comment in the first place. By commenting you are involving yourself: involving yourself in something you don't need to be in."