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Sunday, 1 June 2014

IPACA Weekly - Episode 14 - Who would like one of these?

Simple question this week, who would like one of these? 

Can anyone imagine having robots in school to help us with different jobs?

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  1. Anning 6 - Some people say no - 'They'll end up going wrong and teachers will end up blaming us!'
    Others say yes - 'It would make life easier! They could do our homework!'
    'But aren't we lazy enough already!'
    They would take up space in school and would cost a lot of money. Would the benefit outweigh the cost - electricity, harming the environment?'

  2. Yes please, The two I have at the moment are old models, and unable to follow simple instructions.

    1. I recommend contacting the manufacturers.

  3. I would really welcome a creative contribution from Marco & Eddy into life and learning at IPACA and our society. There is no doubt that AI is developing rapidly and, unfortunately, much of this is happening in the arms industry with military applications. Wouldn't it be far better for this awesome tech to be engaged in learning, healthcare, feeding the planet and developing renewables?

  4. We have concerns about robots taking human's jobs in the future and can't imagine that human society would accept them taking job.
    We don't think that a robot could be a teacher as we can't imagine them ever being able to interact with individuals and worry about them malfunctioning. There was also one suggestion that a student could 'accidentally' throw water on them to shut them up!

  5. Lewis PIckering "Robots could provide extra help in class in general. For example, a basic siri concept, you ask a question the robot answers it or gives you advice to help you find out. Also they could help in tech or PE for safety or setting up equipment"