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Monday, 24 March 2014

IPACA Weekly - Episode 13 - Amazing

Check out the below -


How does this work? Could you make something similar at IPACA? What would need? How long would it take? Would you include the same effects?

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  1. A6: We should have that here! On the windows of the classrooms whether they are internal or external. You could make it part of the lesson e.g. in history you could use images of the Tudors or battles happening outside! Like it is going to come into the room. It would bring it to life for us. You could use it for drama or dance so you could be part of a crazy scene. Or in art to get more interesting photos. Or in IT to program them ourselves.

  2. Coode 4: We think you should put it on the doors so that when a class is being disruptive an image of Mr Gooch walking in appears and makes the class be quiet!

    Advanced film studies/film making course...we need a green room!!! from here we could also film IPACA news and weather which could be fed live out to TVs all around the school.

    Install it on windows to have helpful hints in lessons.

    Windows: to make a grey day look sunny! orrrr geography to recreate severe weather conditions like a tornado or a tropical storm!