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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

IPACA Weekly - Episode 8 - The Future

I hope the below video will inspire some discussion between students and staff about how we use technology to support learning at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy.

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  1. Do we need Teachers?
    Would young people learn if they didn't need to go the school?
    How would this affect 'society' if people could decide if they learnt stuff or not?

  2. Overwhelming response to question, 'Do we need school?' was Yes we do.
    One said 'Sir if we didn't have school, the world would end, because there would be no jobs and no money'. Hmm, Sounds bad.

  3. When asked 'Do we need Teachers?' the group of students has some interesting ideas.
    Most felt that kids wouldn't learn or try to learn, if they weren't told to. Others said that all teaching could be done online.
    Reef said that teachers are an important part of learning, because of the way that a good teacher can show, demonstrate and explain things that you cant get from an online tutorial.

  4. Jasmine said that a better idea to 'school' would be similar to apprenticeships, but where you get a job first, then learn to do that instead of a lot of other stuff that you may never use.

  5. Wren 1. "If we had access to all information in our head - how would we do exams? We'd just go onto the internet in our head. It wouldn't prove that we had understood it!" "The idea of inputting things directly into our brain is really open to abuse. What if things got into the wrong hands? What if they play with our emotional opinion based parts of our brains?" "We need genuine knowledge, we cannot always rely on technology to hold it for us". "Brain overload?" "School is about more than knowledge, we need to meet people face to face and know how to interact in person" "What about subjects that are all the better for working in real time together? Art, Music, PE, Drama, Dance?"