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Sunday, 15 December 2013

IPACA Weekly - Episode 7 - Think

The below video is a very powerful one that I hope will make all of us think before posting.

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  1. Anning 6: first reaction was that it was shocking that it can go that far. It was a very deep video. It brought home how bad it can be, and how important it can be to tell someone what's going on. Comments made online can get out of control.
    Talk to someone. Anyone!

  2. Wren 1: "The fact that there is a trail and other people can read and laugh about it makes bullying on Facebook and other sites particularly difficult." "It's much more cowardly than face to face bullying and people can say harsher things than they would say out loud." "On ASKFM you can't see who is writing the comments so people can say what they want and it is harder to get to the root of who is bullying someone." "What a shame Simon didn't tell anyone about it at an earlier stage so maybe he would have got some support. Keeping things to yourself makes things 10 times harder."