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Sunday, 1 December 2013

IPACA Weekly - Episode 5 - Needed?

This week I came across the 'invisible bike helmet' which has been created by Swedish design students Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. The invention has been in the works since 2005, at which point it was just a concept for a master’s thesis. Rather than sitting on top of the head, the Hövding is worn around the neck, much like a scarf. Inside, it contains sensors that detect the movement of the collar. If it senses an accident has happened, the bag inside is filled with helium gas in 0.1 seconds and immediately wraps around the cyclist’s head to protect them from the impact.

The Hövding actually protects more of the head than a typical helmet and is more convenient to wear. It also contains a black box that saves ten seconds’ worth of data recorded before the incident. The video below shows the Hövding in action:

As always, we welcome your comments on this post.  Do you think this invention is needed?

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  1. Anning 7 think it looks awesome - but how much does it cost?

  2. It looks great, but a huge element of trust is needed. Also cycling gets you hot, so do you want to be wearing a big scarf like garment on a hot day when cycling?? Wren 3 don't!!!!!