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Monday, 25 November 2013

IPACA Weekly - Episode 4 - #inspired

This video left me really inspired this weekend. Paralyzed by a stroke, Henry Evans uses a telepresence robot to take the stage -- and show how new robotics, tweaked and personalized by a group called Robots for Humanity, help him live his life. He shows off a nimble little quadrotor drone, created by a team led by Chad Jenkins, that gives him the ability to navigate space -- to once again look around a garden, stroll a campus ... (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.)

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  1. 1. Inspiring: "inspired people to live your life no matter what!"
    2. Technology should be used even more to help people! the only thing stopping it is money!!!!
    3. How far we can take it??????
    (from Coode 4)

  2. 1. Inspiring: "makes you want to live your life no matter what"
    2. Why has it taken so long for this to happen? everyone should have access to this! MONEY??
    3. How far can we take it?